When it comes to alterations …

Some dresses just DO NOT LIKE TO BE CHANGED.  Because I offer FREE consultations YOU will know from the get go what I can and CAN NOT do.  Also,  just because there seems to be enough fabric to make the changes, the way the fabric is originally cut or how the grain runs will dictate how and if it can be done.

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Buy your dress from a reputable salon!

If you purchased your dress online, that adds a whole NEW set of issues!


Over seas companies sizes are NOT the same!

They will also send you a completely different dress than what you ordered!

Then tell you to just send it back and pay exorbitant shipping fees in the process!

Not to mention the 10 week shipping time!

IM001718.304120105_largeThis Made of Honor (as well as the rest of the maids) bought their dresses ON-LINE trying to save some money. As you can see there is a difference in the color on the lower fabric. That is because when the company shipped the dress they didn’t add the rest of the dress. When it arrived it looked like a ‘Baby Doll’ night gown. I had to go to Las Vegas to find something that would work. Luckily in person the colors looked like they matched.

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